RPO International stands out compared to it’s competitors. Over the years, I’ve tried many different offshore recruiting/RPO firms and my experiences have been terrible. Without exception, my experience with other firms was one of deceit. Once they gained your business, they would switch out their high-performing recruiters with green recruiters who claim to be the same person. Over time, these other firms didn’t even cover the cost of their services. RPO International is the only firm I’ve worked with who operates with complete honesty and transparency. In fact, the moral standards I’ve experienced with RPO International far exceeds most all of my vendors in the United States. We have been working with RPO for multiple years and they continue to provide an incredible service resulting in placements and revenue for Genesis10. Flexibility is one of the biggest and unexpected benefits I received when working with RPO International. Unlike most offshore recruiting firms that are fairly rigid to their support structure, RPO International has offered the ability for me to quickly scale up or down whether it be permanently or just for a few-week surge.

Remster Bingham
Vice President, Recruiting

RPO  is an extension of our recruiting arm, typically when you work with a company such as this, let’s face it, you’re given pieces of paper that are poor quality or not a legitimate profile, but with RPO, all of their resources are well vetted and quality profiles.  They are a true partner that we can always count on to come to the table.

Angela Landers
Delivery Manager

RPO International is a great partner to our business. Rio brings many years of staffing industry experience to the table and understands the opportunities and challenges of our business. They tailored a model that would work best for us and provided us with quality resources offshore to help source and supplement talent quickly. His offshore team is very responsive and professional.

Kolby Dean
Sr. Director, IT Recruiting

I have worked with several offshore companies throughout my career and Rio and his team are a breath of fresh air.  RPO International takes a hands-on approach both with the client and the candidate to ensure a successful partnership across the entire recruiting lifecycle. They are an extension of our recruiting arm that I value tremendously. Thank you for all that you do!

Alexandra Paolo
Director, National Delivery

We chose RPO in part because Rio has a background in U.S. staffing managing RPOs, so he knows recruiting from all sides and understands what it takes to succeed in a high-volume MSP environment. The RPO team hit the ground running, were highly organized and had almost immediate impact in increasing the number of qualified candidate submissions, interviews and offers in our client’s VMS. Rio’s Team integrated well with our team and were excellent communicators.

Laura Maurice
CEO Founder

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